Easy Halloween costume idea

Halloween dress ups don’t have to be fancy: just spooky and scary. Try making this easy Halloween dress up idea with your kids to go trick-or-treating.

What you need:

  • 1 white paper plate
  • 1 black marker pen
  • 1 kitchen skewer
  • 1 x 30cm piece of elastic
  • 1 piece of black (or white) cloth, approx. 100cm x 75cm

Optional accessory:

Number of players:


First make a spooky ghoulish mask out of your paper plate. Draw the face onto the bottom of the paper plate.

A simple black and white design works best, but if your child wants to get creative with colourful crayons, just go with it!

Once you have drawn on your face, use the skewer to pierce two holes in either side (about ear level) to attach the elastic.

Attach the elastic.

Place it on your child’s face and mark where their eyes are (roughly).

Now take the mask off your child and use a skewer to pierce two eye-holes.  Work the skewer a bit to make the holes about 0.5cm – 1cm in diameter so your child can roam the neighbourhood in costume and still see where they’re going!

Add a hooded cape. You can make your own by getting a large piece of black (or white) cloth and tying the corners loosely together around your child’s neck – pull the corners in so that you still leave enough room at the top to shroud his/her head.

Add a spooky bucket of eyeballs and you’re ready to go a-haunting!

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