Fast skipping game

Fast skipping game

Skipping has been around since the start of time. All kids love it and not only is a fun family game to play but, most outdoor kids parties have an element of skipping involved. Grab the rope and get the kids skipping!

What you need:

  • large skipping rope

Number of players:


Two people turn the rope in full circles.

Players line up on one side of the rope.

One person runs into the middle of the rope.

The rope turners turn the rope at normal speed for three jumps then they turn the rope twice as fast to see how long the skipper can stay in.

Whilst this is happening, the rest of the players count how many jumps each skipper does.

The player with the most jumps wins.


You can include rhymes once the skipper is more advanced. Rhymes include:

  • Jenny Jenny touch the ground,
    Jenny Jenny turn around,
    Jenny Jenny Reach for the light,
    Jenny Jenny say goodnight. Goodnight.
  • I like coffee, I like tea, I like so and so in with me (named child runs in to join the skipper)
    I don't like coffee, I don't like tea, I don't like so and so in with me (child runs out)

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