Father’s Day: make your own 3D container

This impressive 3D container with free printable is a great gift idea for Dad or just a fantastic maths activity.

Just get the kids to colour it and help you glue it together. Then give it to Dad on Father’s Day to house his keys and coins.

What you need:


Print out the 3D container printable onto paper or white card (210gsm will go through your printer)

Colour in the triangles that don’t have numbers.

Cut on the dotted lines.

Fold on the other lines.

The triangles with numbers on them are the glue tabs to stick it all together. Glue on the numbered tabs and then fold it all together. (Check out our video for a step-by-step folding guide).

Make two 3D containers and give them to Dad for Father’s Day. They make great keys and coins containers.

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