Finger painting prints

Finger painting prints

Most kids love getting their hands dirty and most mums hate it! Treat the kids to this great finger painting activity and they will have fun while you can have a practical agenda. Create the cards and wrapping paper designs for Christmas.

What you need:

  • plastic tablecloth
  • paint
  • paper

Number of players:


Lay the plastic tablecloth on a table.

Squirt blobs of paint on it.

Get your child to run their fingers through the paint across the tablecloth, creating squiggly finger lines and patterns.

Before the paint dries press the paper firmly onto the lines and patterns on the tablecloth.

Remove the paper and you will see a mirrored print of the lines and patterns on the tablecloth.

Repeat this process to create many artworks.


  • Aprons are a must for this activity.
  • Use the artworks your child has created in this activity as wrapping paper or for the face of a homemade card.

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