Four Aces Magic Trick

Four Aces Magic Trick

This simple card trick is a fun way to improve your child's maths skills and cognitive thinking.  Teaching kids how to do magic tricks can also  improve their confidence and self esteem.

What you need:

  • 1 x pack of cards
  • 1 x table

Number of players:



Before you do your trick in front of an audience, you need to prep your pack of cards.

Separate out the four aces in the pack. Put them on top of the pack.

Now usher in your audience.

Cut the pack in two.

Be mindful of where the aces are when you put those two piles down. Make sure you put the pile with the aces on top on your far right.

Cut those two piles in two again and make sure you arrange the four piles so that the pile with the aces is the last pile along, going left to right.

Now start on the left, pick up the first pile, take three cards from the top of the pile and put them to the bottom. Now from the top of the pile, take one card each and lay them along the top of the three remaining piles on the table.

Do the same thing along each pile: take three cards from the top, then lay the top three cards that remain, one apiece on each pile on the table.

Now turn up the top card of each pile. If you've 'played your cards right' you should have four aces along the top.

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