Funny bookmark idea

Funny bookmark idea

Make Mum or Dad a funny but practical gift with this funny bookmark idea. It's so easy.

What you need:

  • 1 photo of child pretending to hang from a rope
  • white card for backing
  • clear contact
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • glue
  • string (to make the tassle)

Number of players:


Once you've taken your photo, print it out. It should print out at the right size if you print it onto A4 paper. If it doesn't paste it into a word document and shrink it to the size you want it.

Cut around the outline of the body.

Glue the hanging body onto a piece of card backing. Leave the arms holding the rope, unglued for now.

Put contact over the top and the cut it out again.

You should now be able to peel back only the arm and hand section. This will allow you to punch a hole where the hand is, so that you can thread the tassle through later.

Set that aside and make the tassle.

Use a small piece of cardboard about 6cm x 4cm and wind the string around about 20 times.

Thread another piece of string through (see video) and tie a double knot, gathering the string together at the bottom.

Now get your scissors and snip the top edge (see video).

Tie a smaller piece around the tassle's bunch, about 5mm along.

Trim the end so that the tassle is even.

Tie the main string in a looped knot at the end.

Now thread that through the hole you punched in the bookmark earlier.

Glue the unglued flap down over the arm and hand. It should look like the kid is 'hanging' from the rope.

A cute bookmark that will remind Mum or Dad who loves them best, everytime they open their book to read.

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