Heart envelope

Heart envelope

You can help your children learn the simplest paper trick around: fold a heart shape into an envelope. It makes a cute Valentine's Day gift, Mother's Day present or just a sweet message for someone you love. Awww …

What you need:

You may also need:

  • a ruler (if you want your envelope to be exact)

Number of players:


Print the FREE heart template onto a piece of coloured paper. The design works best with two-sided paper: one side blank and the other patterned.

Write your message on the blank side of the paper heart and then fold in the two sides so that they remain parallel to each other. 

Fold the curved side of the heart down to make a rectangle shape.

You should now only have the pointy bit of the heart remaining.  Fold it down as the envelope's flap.

Give it to someone you love. When they open the envelope it's a heart with a message written on it!

Hints and tips:

Follow these instructions below for a more exact folding of the envelope.

Place the heart with the pointy tip down in front of you.  Measure 4.5cm from the centre of the pointy tip and rule a line straight across the heart. It should be perpendicular to the heart's vertical centre line.

Now where that line meets each edge of the heart, draw a line up perpendicular to the top of the heart. Fold in on those side lines. Bring the curved top down to meet the first line you ruled across and fold down the tip.

If you're still confused, watch the how to video!

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video and printable template.

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