Hose limbo

Hose limbo

Beat the heat and get the kids active and laughing with this fun kids party game. Grab the hose and challenge the family to play Hose Limbo and see who comes out the winner!

What you need:

  • hose
  • tap

Number of players:


Grab a hose and make sure it is attached to the tap.

Turn on the tap until there is a strong stream of water. Place your thumb over the spout to get a strong jet of water or use a hose nozzle.

Each person has to pass under the stream of water while leaning back.

Players must not get wet. If they do get wet they are eliminated.

Each time every player passes under the stream of water, lower the hose a few centimetres to make the next round harder.

The winner is the player who passes successfully under the lowest stream without getting wet.

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