How to make a pom pom

How to make a pom pom

Pom poms are an easy craft to make. All you need is wool, cardboard and scissors. We've even included a pom pom disc template for small and large pom poms. And if you pop on some googly eyes your kids will have a brand new toy!

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Use our pom pom disc template printable to trace two small pom pom discs on of your cardboard.

Cut out the discs and put them two together.

Wind your wool around the discs from the centre to the outer edge.

Keep going around and around until you've covered the disc surface entirely.

The process is easier if you're working with a shorter length of wool, as a smaller balled up amount is easier to wind around the disc.

If you run out of wool, simply grab some more, tie the ends together, and continue where you left off.

Now you will need to cut the wool in between the cardboard, at the outer edge of the disc. Only snip a bit at a time, holding it together with your other hand, until you have cut all the way around.

Now, get your ball of wool, cut off a piece about 30cm long. Use that to tie off the pom pom by pulling the string between the two cardboard discs and then tightening it around the centre. Tie your pom pom up tightly.

Now you can slide the two discs off.

Fluff up your pom pom so it's nice and round.

Voila! A gorgeous, wool pom pom.


TIP: Try mixing different coloured wool for a cute multicoloured pom pom. And if you stick on some googly eyes, your pom pom turns into a toy.

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