How to write poetry: Autobiographical poems

How to write poetry: Autobiographical poems

Autobiographical poems, as the name suggests, is all about you. This is not a story however, so length must be taken into consideration and there are other rules that apply too. Take some time, follow the rules and create a poem all about you!

What you need:

  • grey lead pencil or pen for writing
  • paper


Number of players:


Autobiographical poetry is a poem all about you.

Below is the structure on how to write an autobiographical poem and the words to include.

Line 1. Your first name.
Or your first and second name – just not your surname.

Line 2. I am ____, ____, ____ and ____.
Four adjectives that describe you. Could be generous, could be selfish, hungry, tall or even short.

Line 3. Son/daughter of _____. Brother/sister of ____.
Include all siblings here.

Line 4.  I love ____, ____ and ____.
Include three things you love.

Line 5. I feel ____, ____ and  ____.
Include three emotions you feel right now or often.

Line 6. I am most happy when ____, ____ and ____.
Include three things you are happy doing.

Line 7. I most need ____, ____ and ____.
Include three things you cannot live without.

Line 8. I give ____, ____, and ____.
These three things you give could be anything from time dedicated, money to charity right down to your sister the irrits.

Line 9. I fear ____, ____ and ____ the most.
Three things might be from the principal's office to the clown from your birthday party – anything that you fear now.

Line 10. I would love to see ____, ____ and ____.
Anything you would love to see. It could be dolphins in the water or the Great Wall of China. Name your dreams.

Line 11. I really enjoy ____, ____ and ____.
What exactly do you enjoy to do? You might like riding your bike, running in the park or fishing with Dad.

Line 12. I like to wear ____, ____ and ____.
Remember wearing can mean funny things too. It does'nt have to be skirts, stockings and shoes. It could be perfume, lipgloss, a beret or even mum's make up!

Line 13. Add something personal.
This line could be a favourite quote from a book or it could be your dream for the future. Anything you like.

Line 14. Your surname.

Let's put an example on together and see how it all looks at the end.

Line 1. John
Line 2. Tall, skinny, kind and caring
Line 3. Son of Fred and Josie, brother to Albert.
Line 4. I love horses, dogs, cartoons and cars.
Line 5. I feel happy, energetic and special.
Line 6. I am most happy when I am riding horses, out in the sunshine and on my school holidays.
Line 7. I need to always have my teddy near me, my pillow to sleep on and a snack in my bag.
Line 8. I give my brother a hand, my parents a pain in the neck and my friends a giggle.
Line 9. I fear spending time in the principal's office, snakes and being sick over the holidays.
Line 10. I would like to see Uluru, more stars at night and have more money in my wallet.
Line 11. I most enjoy eating junk food for dinner, spending time with my brother and camping.
Line 12. I like to wear my dad's boots, my brother's clothes and my oldest T-shirt.
Line 13. One day I am going to be a cowboy with my horse.
Line 14. Stanley.

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