Make a fairy garden terrarium

Make a fairy garden terrarium

What to do when the dampness of winter is creeping into your garden and creating lots of moss? Use the moss to make a mini-fairy garden terrarium of course! Kids will love making this adorable terrarium, and you may even attract a fairy or two!

What you need:

  • empty jar with lid
  • pebbles
  • activated charcoal
  • soil
  • moss
  • any toys you'd like to put in your fairy garden

To make a toadstool for your fairy garden:

  • clay (air-dry or oven-bake)
  • red and white paint
  • paintbrush
  • toothpick


Number of players:


Step 1: Place an even layer of pebbles in bottom of your jar.

Step 2: Place a layer of activated charcoal on top of the pebbles.  Activated charcoal can be found at your local pet store or a garden centre.

Step 3: Place a layer of moist soil on top of the charcoal.

Step 4: Gently pick up your moss and place a layer of moss on top of the soil.

Step 5:  Look at that! You've got the base of your fairy garden. All you need to do now is to decorate it.

Step 6: Toadstools look great in fairy garden terrariums. To make your own toadstool simply shape some clay into two parts – the top of the toadstool and its stem. Then using a toothpick join the top to the stem, but leave the pointy end of the toothpick out to help it stand up in the moss. Follow the directions on the packet for your clay to either air-dry or oven-bake.

Step 7: Paint your toadstool red with white spots and let it dry.

Step 8: Decorate your fairy garden with the toadstool, along with some small toys and tiny pebbles – or whatever inspires you!

Step 9: Spray your terrarium with water and place a lid on the top.  Display your terrarium somewhere out of direct sunlight.


























This craft was created by Emma Rowe, who blogs at  frog, goose and bear.

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