Make a sand turtle

Make a sand turtle

Make your next day at the beach a creative one and make a sand turtle with your kids. This is a great project that everyone can get involved with, so grab your shovels and buckets and get sculpting!

What you need:

  • Sand
  • Bucket or pail
  • Water and spray can
  • Shovel

Number of players:


Clear an area about 2 metres wide to allow your turtle to take shape.

Dig an outline of the turtle's shell shape, head and flippers.

Fill your bucket or container with damp sand.

Pack the sand down firmly and empty the container into the shell area. Repeat as many times as you need to fill the shell outline and head and flippers in with sand.

Smooth over the edges of the sand with your hands to make them rounded.

Keep your sand damp by spraying it as you work as this will ensure it is solid.

Create the shape of the turtle you want by varying the amount of sand you pile in the various shapes.

To give your turtle it's patchwork shell, use a stick or your finger and draw the pattern of shell 'scales' on the shell.

Once you have smoothed over the head and flippers, add details like eyes and a mouth to the head and little patchwork scales to the flippers.

When done, sit back and admire your unique sculpture that celebrates our sealife!

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