Making mud pies

Making mud pies

Making mud pies is one of the great joys of childhood! Your kids will spend many happy hours magicking up messy pies that they can use in open-ended imaginative games later.

What you need:

  • Dirt
  • Stones, flower or leaves

Number of players:


To make great mud pies, you need to use good smooth dirt  that is free of sand, rocks and pebbles. 

In a small bucket mix the dirt with water. Using your hands to combine the dirt and water, continue add small amounts of water until the mud is the consistency of bread dough.

Knead the mud until the mud becomes firm enough not to lose shape when you roll it into a small ball.

Mould the mud into pies by rolling the mud into balls and then flatten them down.

You can make them as thick or as thin as you like.


  • Mud pies are a joy to make – getty messy and magicking up all sorts of fabulous creations out of water and dirt is a an imaginative game that your kids will enjoy spending hours on
  • Kids can decorate the pies by using stones, flowers or leaves – just think creative when decorating mud pies!
  • This activity has been brought to you by The Natural Confectionery Co.

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