Musical jars

Musical jars

Play musical jars learning game with your children and help them learn about different musical notes. This is a fun and educational kids activity to teach them about how the different water levels affect the notes. Learning has never been this fun!

What you need:

  • glass jars
  • spoons
  • adult assistance

Number of players:


Fill the glass jars with varying water levels (jar one can be full to the top and then go lower and lower from there).

You might want to add a drop of food colouring to each jar so the different levels are more obvious to younger children.

Give a spoon to each child and ask them to gently tap each jar – noting the different sounds due to the varying water levels.

Then arrange the jars in order from the lowest water level to the highest, so they can hear the notes go higher and lower.

If they're still enjoying it, you can have them close their eyes as you tap – and guess which jar it is based on what they have learnt (food colouring will help with this so they can guess "the blue jar").

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