Phonics Jumbles: Long Vowel Patterns

Phonics Jumbles: Long Vowel Patterns

This jumbled word activity teaches your child to unscramble words and phrases online. The Phonics Jumbles online game aims to enhance your child's ability to understand long vowel spelling patterns in a fun and interactive way, which assists both spelling and reading ability.

What you need:

  • Computer with internet access

Number of players:
1 +


Teach your child to understand long vowel patterns with the Phonics Jumbles: Long Vowel Patterns online game.

Each time they play, a variety of words and phrases are scrambled up, leaving kids to recognise and then identify the word before typing it in correctly.

This activity loads in 10 sets of words or phrases, so your child must complete all of them before moving on to the next stage.

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This online game is perfect for getting kids to focus on the task at hand. It's very simple, and revolves purely around unscrambling words, rather than relying on lots of mutlimedia effects.

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