Pool game for baby: Straw bubbles

Pool game for baby: Straw bubbles

Blowing bubbles in the water can be tricky. It is hard to first grasp not to suck the water in rather than blow it out. Some kids are quite fearful of popping their heads under the water too. So, here is a great trick to help them along the way.

What you need:

  • Shallow pool. Waist deep for Mum and Dad is fine
  • Straws
  • Goggles if your child is comfortable
  • Scissors

Number of players:


Both you and your child should have a straw in your mouth while in the water.

Pop the end of the straw in the water and blow your bubbles.

Have your child copy your actions.

As your child gains confidence with blowing the water out and not sucking it up, chop the straw a little.

Repeat the activity until there is only a little straw left.

When there is only a little left and their heads are very close to the water, take the straw out of your mouth and blow directly into the water.

Have your child copy.

Now, lower your head so your nose also goes under. This is quite a difficult thing for kids to do so, have patience.

Soon, your child will be blowwing bubbles confidently all over the pool.


  • This activity can also be done in the bath at home.

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