Postman’s holiday

Postman’s holiday

This is a fun game to play at any birthday party! The kids will love running up and down playing postman and enjoy seeing who can post letters the fastest. Be careful though, it can get pretty fast paced.

What you need:

  • 10 boxes
  • envelopes
  • marker

Number of players:


You will need ten boxes, each with a posting slot and labelled with a different town or street name, possibly related to the party's theme. For younger kids, you could use colours or shapes.

Before the game begins, the boxes are hidden around the house or garden.

Each player gets ten envelopes, each one addressed to match each box.

Starting from a central point, players pick up one envelope at a time, write their initials on the back, then run off to post it in the right box.

They then run back for another envelope.

They must post their ten envelopes as fast as possible.

When they have posted all their envelopes, open the boxes and check the envelopes inside.

The player with the most posted correctly wins.

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