Race for a golden crown

Race for a golden crown

Race for a golden crown at your next princess or royal party gathering. Your kids will love this crafty kids party game and will look fabulous wearing their royal jewels. Perfect for any little princes or princesses.

What you need:

  • Craft paper or cardboard
  • Pens
  • Stick-on jewels and beads
  • A box (treasure chest)

Number of players:


Divide the players into two teams. Sketch and cut out two crowns from the craft paper.

Mark on each crown where each jewel is to be placed, for example a ruby is to be placed in the centre of the crown and a sapphire next to it. You can indicate the colour of the jewels to make it easier for the younger players.

Place a crown on a table in front of each team.

Each team has to study their crown, then run to the treasure chest, fish out the jewels they think they need and decorate their crown according to the instructions.

Each team nominates a 'runner' to fetch the jewels. Only one jewel at a time may be taken.

The first team to finish their crown wins.


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