Rainshower relay race

Rainshower relay race

Water games are great kids party games especially in the warmer months. The rainshower relay race will keep your kids active and laughing as they have fun.

What you need:

  • 2 buckets per team
  • large resealable bags
  • pins

Number of players:


Divide the players into two teams.

Take the resealable bags and prick lots of holes in the bottom with a pin.

Give each team a bag.

Sit each team down in a line.

Place one bucket filled with water behind the last player of each team.

Mark the other bucket at the halfway mark and place it in front of the first player.

The race starts when the first player from each team runs to the back of the line with their bag and fills it with water.

The player then passes the bag to the last player who must pass it over his head to the player in front of him and so on until the bag arrives at the front of the line.

The player at the front must dump the remaining water in the empty bucket and then run to the back of the line and refill the bag.

The player repeats the process.

The race continues until one of the teams have filled their front bucket to the half-way mark. The first team to finish is the winner.


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