Rattle and roll: Biscuit tin banter

Rattle and roll: Biscuit tin banter

Babies love noise. They love it even more when they’re the ones making it! This biscuit tin banter toy promises to provide endless hours of noisy fun for your little one.

What you need:

  • biscuit tin
  • old keys
  • tape



Grab an empty biscuit tin and a few keys that are no longer in use. (Using car keys could become problematic!)

Place the loose keys into the biscuit tin and secure the lid tightly.

Shake the tin and rattle it about so your baby is looking for the noise and following it around.

When your baby can start to shake and roll the tin, it becomes a fun crawling game as they chase after the noise.


  • Instead of keys you could also use a metal spoons or coins – so long as the lid is taped down and secured so there’s no danger of the baby getting their hands on the objects inside and accidentally choking on them.

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