Santa’s suit relay

Dressing up is fun any time of year but especially at Christmas time! The kids will love this race to get into Santa’s suit so grab some clothes and get the madness going at your next Christmas party.

What you need:

  • Red clothes
  • Black belts
  • Red stockings
  • Red hats
  • Gumboots

Number of players:


Create two piles of Santa clothes at the other end of the room.

Divide the kids into two even-numbered teams.

When you say “Go”, the first player in each team runs to their pile of clothes and put on Santa’s outfit one piece at a time. The Santa hat should be the last thing the child puts on.

Once the player has put the Santa hat on, she must race to take it off and run back to her team and tag the next player.

The teams keep racing until one team has had all their players take a turn and returned to their group.

Once everyone has had a turn, the team must sit down to indicate they are finished.

The first team to sit down are the winners.

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