Secret code

Secret code

Kids will love being able to write a secret letter that only some people can read. With the help of the alphabet, symbols and pretty much anything they like, they’ll be writing secret notes all the time!

What you need:

  • pencil
  • paper

Number of players:


Help your child to create a new alphabet – secret code – using symbols or reverse letters.

First write out the alphabet on a piece of paper with room above each letter to “replace” that letter with a particular symbol, letter or whatever they choose.

You might suggest looking at a computer keyboard and looking at all of the symbols on the number keys (eg ! @ # $ R% ^ & * +).

Let them decide what will symbolise each letter in their secret code.

This is perfect for a play date so they have a friend to share the code with.

Once they’ve agreed on the code for the entire alphabet, they can write cryptic messages to each other, pass notes, etc.

Or they might like to share it with you – the perfect code for sending little love notes in their lunch box!

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