Kids can battle their way through this online game, planting seeds to defend the pumpkin! Oranges shoot cannon balls and onions let out speedy arrows all in the name of fun.

What you need:

  • computer with internet access

Number of players:


Click here to play.

Greeted with a game menu screen to begin with, you get to choose your own journey. Either head to a battle, play in survival mode or just go straight to the levels of play.

This is what your screen will look like.

Click the "new game" sign post and the next screen will have step-by-step instructions on how to play.

Beginning with the cannon-shooting tomato plant, you must sow your seeds in a row in order to defend your pumpkin from enemy plants – after all, the pumpkin gives you seeds. Keep an eye on the bucket at the bottom left of the screen and watch the seed count increase. When you reach 50 seeds, you will be able to add another fruit or veggie to your army. Do this by clicking your chosen seed icon in the top row and clicking again in the field where you wish to plant it.

As you get further into the levels, you will unlock other veggies that have different abilities. For instance, an onion fires arrows more quickly than a tomato can shoot a cannon ball!

Keep planting, defend your pumpkin and have FUN!


  • To play survival mode or battle mode, you will have to pass levels 3 and 5 respectively.



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