Spaghetti bowl wiggle

Spaghetti bowl wiggle

Wiggle and giggle with your kids as they play this fun game. This is a terrific kids activity for parties or for any lazy afternoon or playdate. The kids will love the chance to use their imaginations and wriggle around like spaghetti in a bowl!

What you need:

  • Your imagination

Number of players:


Choose someone to be the announcer of the steps.

Tell everyone to lie down and give each person enough room to move and wiggle without bumping into each other.

Everyone has to make their body stiff and straight like a stick of uncooked spaghetti.

The announcer tells everyone they have now been put in a tub of boiling water.

Everyone should imagine the water bubbling and swirling around them and begin to move like a stick of spaghetti getting softer and more wiggly.

The more wiggles and giggles there are the better, the ‘pasta’ is cooking.

Now the spaghetti is to be drained and served up in a dish.

Everyone has to pile together as if heaped on a platter and served for dinner!

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