Spider’s web game

Spider’s web game

Spider’s web is a fun Halloween game that also teaches kids teamwork and cooperative skills. No need to look further for ideas for fun kids activities as this great kids party game will keep your kids busy laughing as they learn!

What you need:

  • A 3 metre length piece of coloured string for each child
  • A bag of lollies (or small toy) for each child

Number of players:


This can be played indoors in a large room or outside.

Make a bag of lollies for each child and tie a piece of different coloured string to each bag.

Take the non-tied ends of the strings and wind them over or around objects in the room such as furniture, chairs or tables (if outdoors things like trees, bushes or patio furniture.

Weave each string across other strings to entwine them and start making your “web.”

Leave the untied ends of the strings untwined enough so that the kids can easily pick up a string and start to unravel the web.

Yell GO and as each player unravels their web, they get their prize.

An adult calls out “go!” and each player starts to unravel his web of yarn. Everyone is a winner as they unravel their webs and get their prizes.

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