Super hyper spider typer

Super hyper spider typer

Keyboard skills can only be learnt through practice and repetition. This kids' game is not only fun but teaches them skills they can only learn through doing them. Watch as they advance from one finger typing to not even looking at the keyboard so they can keep an eye on their spider.

What you need:

  • computer with internet access

Number of players:


Bring up the game page and let the kids have control of the mouse.

On the left of screen, a spider on a web appears in front of a start and finish line

Lizards appear on branches to the right of the screen, each with letters on their backs.

Type the letters and the lizards disappear.

As you advance through the levels, the lizards will change colour and letters. For example, a pink lizard will have a letter on its back and once you hit the correct letter, the lizard will change to blue with another letter on it. Get that letter correct and the lizard will disappear.

Once your spider gets to the finish line, you advance levels.

If the lizard gets to your spider before you get the letter, your spider will be eaten up!

You can find this game on the Kaboose website.

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