The chocolate game

The chocolate game

Combine dress-ups and chocolate and you get the fabulously fun Chocolate game! Brighten up any kids party with this fun party game that is sure to bring a smile (and a few chocolatey smears) to every face.

What you need:

  • A few wrapped bars of chocolate
  • A plate
  • A knife and fork
  • Dress-up items such as a hat, jackets and gloves
  • A pair of dice

Number of players:


Sit the children in a circle on the floor.

Give one child the dice.

Place the bar of chocolate and the knife and fork on a plate nearby.

Throw the bundle of dress-up clothes into the centre of the circle. Have the kids take turns to roll the dice.

If a child rolls a double, shw must put on an item of dress-up clothes and unwrap and eat the bar of chocolate only using the knife and fork to cut the chocolate and get it into her mouth. This player must keep going until another player rolls a double.

Now the player must hand over the dress-up clothes to the next player who must try and unwrap and eat the chocolate bar with the knife and fork.


  • If a player is able to unwrap the chocolate bar, have a few spare ones on hand to replace it with. Also replace knives and forks if they have been used for eating.

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