Write a Dear Santa letter

Writing to Santa is one of the joys of childhood so why not create a special letter to the man in red with your child this Christmas? It is a fun project and a great way to find out exactly what present your kids are hoping to find under the tree this year.

What you need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Envelope
  • Stamp


Hand out the address for Santa Claus so your kids can address and stamp their envelopes.

Help guide their writing with gentle suggestions of how letters are written, how to greet someone and a polite way of asking Santa Claus if he could deliver exactly the presents they are hoping for.

Once the letters are written, checked and placed in the envelope, collect them for posting.

Hand everyone a small treat and make a wish that your letters travel quickly to the north pole!

To create a postcard and send it to Santa at the North Pole (and to get a reply back!), visit the NZ Post website for details. They also have helpful information on mailing dates and solutions for sending your gifts.

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