First Solid Foods

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While it may be tempting to start with a flourish, the best way to tackle solids is slowly and methodically. Introduce foods one at a time, and a couple of days apart. Make sure that everything you offer is smooth and pureed.

Baby rice cereal is a great first food for babies. It is plain, which is ideal for babies who have only ever tasted breast milk or formula. It is also a good source of iron, which is beneficial as baby’s iron stores start to deplete at around six months and need to be replenished. Being gluten free, baby rice cereal is unlikely to illicit any adverse reactions.

SunRice Baby Rice Cereal is made in Australia from Australian rice. It has no added sugar or artificial flavours and ingredients from our Australian neighbours just across the ditch.

To help baby accept baby rice cereal, you can use breast milk or formula to thin the cereal out. This will also make it taste slightly familiar which may help your baby accept it. If you taste the baby rice cereal yourself, don’t be concerned about your baby disliking the flavour – remember that your taste buds have adjusted to salt, sugar and seasoning, while your baby has only ever tasted breast milk or formula. For a first food, plain, smooth and soft is the way to go.

Getting Started

Start by offering just one teaspoon of baby rice cereal, once a day. Once your baby is eating two tablespoons of rice cereal in one sitting, you can look at offering solids twice, then three times a day.

Don’t be discouraged if your baby seems to push as much out of her mouth as you put in. For some babies, coordinating the chewing and swallowing actions takes a bit of time to master. Check out our article Why isn’t my baby interested in solid foods for tips on why your baby might not be taking to solid foods.

Mix it up

Babies prefer plainer foods, so there is no need to season your baby’s food. Once your baby is established on baby rice cereal and you are introducing new foods, it’s a good idea to alternate between sweet foods (like apple or pear) and more savoury foods (like potato or pumpkin), so your baby doesn’t decide to stick to sweet foods only.

SunRice Baby Rice Cereal comes in Original Mixed Vegetable flavours. The Mixed Vegetable flavour is made with pureed carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin – a great way to introduce more complex flavours with less hassle for parents.

Ages and flavours

Foods you can introduce between 6 – 8 months include cooked and mashed potato, pumpkin, carrot, apple and pear. After 8 months, babies can generally cope with coarsely mashed foods and finger foods such as pieces of soft fruit, cooked vegetables and toast. However, all babies are different and proceed at different paces, so follow your baby’s cues.

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