Connect 4 Blast For Fast and Furious Fun

Looking for a new family favourite game? Nerf Connect 4 Blast is a fresh and fun-filled take on a family favourite.

To make sure it is Kiwi kid approved, we had our Junior Toy Analyst Emma and her family put the game to the test and the reviews are in!

Check out what Emma and her mum had to say about the Nerf Connect 4 Blast game ⬇️

Meet Emma, our Junior Toy Analyst

EmmaAge: 12 years old

Favourite colour: Rose Gold

Favourite food: Hot chips and chocolate

Favourite toy: Anything LOL

Emma is a 12-year old intrepid traveler who loves having adventures with her family and making up fun games to play with her friends. Her favourite toys are LOL’s and she loves giving forever homes to the FurReal Friends range. She enjoys using her imagination to play with miniature toys and has a big heart for animals of the real and toy variety.

What did Emma and her family think?

Emma and her family got to trial the Connect 4 Blast which is essentially a blend of Connect 4 meets Nerf. For those not familiar with Nerf, it’s a fabulous high-action range of blasters with foam darts – so marrying the two together creates a fun fusion of strategy and action!

Unlike the original game, Connect 4 Blast comes with two loading trays. The bottom tray is where you load the blue plastic discs that you aim at, and the top tray is where you randomly load in the yellow and red discs. You and your opponent choose a colour each. The aim of the game is to “Connect 4” using the foam darts and blasting your way to line up four discs of the same colour (or to try and block your opponent’s colour). The blasters even come coloured coded to make it super easy to reload once they have been blasted!


What Emma found really exciting was the fact that she and her Mum got to blast the discs at the same time in a race to “Connect 4”.  A fabulous strategy was to load your Nerf gun faster than the opponent whilst looking at where the discs were falling from so you can line them up!

Like always, Emma absolutely annihilated her Mum in each round and then went on to beat out her Dad in several rounds as well!

Emma is looking forward to welcoming her friends over to play Connect 4 Blast and Mum is happy she has found a great gift to now purchase for any of Emma’s friends upcoming birthdays! It’s perfect for ages 8+ and something that parents can also get into and be just as competitive with too!

About Nerf Connect 4 Blast

connect4Connect 4 gameplay meets Nerf dart blasting! The Connect 4 Blast! game is an exciting and active game in which players strategically shoot at the coloured discs using the included Nerf blaster and Nerf foam darts. Players battle it out at the same time trying to be the first player to get 4 discs in a row of their colour. Show off your targeting skills by firing the Nerf blasters at the discs.

Put blasted out discs in the loading tray at the top of the grid and continue to play as these discs fall. The game is for 2 players, and includes parts to make the Connect 4 grid, plus blue, red, and yellow discs, 2 colour coded Nerf blasters and 8 colour coded Nerf foam darts.

The toy for this review was provided to Kidspot by Farmers.

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