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As Tilly and Milo hurtle towards their final showdown with the Alchemist, the stakes are higher than ever – though there is always time for hot chocolate! Pages & Co: The Treehouse Library is the fifth and penultimate book in the bestselling bookwandering series for readers aged eight to twelve.

Milo Bolt is ready to be the hero of his own story. With Uncle Horatio trapped in an enchanted sleep by the power-hungry Alchemist, he sets off with his new friend Alessia to find a cure and save them all.

Their journey leads them to the magical treehouse – home of the Botanist, the Alchemist’s sworn enemy. Against the clock, they hunt for the cure: foraging in the Secret Garden, challenging Robin Hood and confronting the mighty Jabberwock.

But the Alchemist will stop at nothing to unlock the powerful secrets of The Book of Books, and Tilly, Pages & Co. and the whole world of imagination are under threat as a battle for the fate of bookwandering is set in motion …

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Book review from Holly, aged 14

The Treehouse Library is the fifth book in the Pages and Co series. The last four volumes were excellently continued in this book. The magical elements in this novel were fantastic. I had so much fun reading this and it made me want to go bookwandering in spectacular places. The characters are endearing and likeable, and I liked seeing the development of their relationship and teamwork. In this novel, they haven’t had it easy and have faced numerous setbacks and challenges. To all book enthusiasts like myself, I’d suggest this book!

Pages & Co The Treehouse Library

Book review from Michael, 12

Milo is on the hunt for a cure for his Uncle Horatio, who is trapped in an enchanted sleep. With the help of his friends Tilly, Alessia, Oscar and Rosa, he looks far and wide to find the ingredients for the cure.

This is a wonderful book with some very complicated characters and quite a large world. It is well written, is nice and clear, and once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down. The book is very descriptive, the characters are quite varied, and the places in the book are as varied as the characters in them.

Pages & Co The Treehouse Library by Anna James review

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes magic, fantasy, and LOTS of suspense. This is the latest book in a series, with 4 books before it, and at least 1 more after. I love this book, and am waiting to see if my mum will buy me the rest of the series as well.

Book review from Ashling, aged 11

Milo Bolt is the driver of the Quip – a magical train that can travel through the world of story to go anywhere Milo wants. Milo’s uncle Horatio is a book smuggler but unfortunately he has been put to sleep by a poisoned book. Milo searches for who was behind it and he discovers the Alchemist, a hoarder of book magic who wants to control the Quip. The Alchemist’s daughter Alessia stows away on the Quip with the recipe for the cure to the poison, now Milo and Alessia will have to travel into stories to find the ingredients and save Horatio before it’s too late.

Pages & Co The Treehouse Library by Anna James review

I really enjoyed reading this book because it is full of adventure and good characters. It also is exciting to see how classic book characters react when real people enter their stories. My favourite character is Alessia because she is assertive and in control. I would recommend this book to children aged 8-13 because while it is light-hearted, it would also be interesting for older readers. If I was to describe this book in three words they would be exciting, adventurous, and mysterious.

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