Toy Review | LEGO® DUPLO® Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island

Toddler bath-times are full of fun with the LEGO© DUPLO© Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island. Find out what Indie (2 years old) thought of the set in our review.

The LEGO DUPLO Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island (10966) is a feature-packed playset for animal-loving kids aged 18 months and up. It will turn your toddler’s bath time into a tropical island fun time!

Bath time fun

LEGO DUPLO Floating Animal Island

Indie loves her baths and for some time now we have been meaning to get new bath toys to play with. She was so excited when she saw the box for the first time, after we opened it up, she ran to the bathroom, threw everything into the bath and demanded she have one right then and there.

This is such a delightful set with a friendly lion, a pink flamingo, a colourful fish, and a cute octopus included – bright colours and simple designs that certainly caught the eye of my inquisitive toddler.

Indie enjoyed putting all the bricks together to build the animals first, then she gave them a wash with the bucket that’s included in the set too. Building and engaging with the animals like this is such a great way for her to build her fine and gross motor skills, and even her little toddler hands were capable of constructing these without mum’s help.

Getting creative

Bath time fun

After their wash, we did some role-playing with the animals: Indie had them swimming from one end of the bath to the other until they reached the floating island and ring (“their home”). They jumped aboard and floated around while Indie created a whole adventure for them, complete with splashing waves and daring rescues! Imaginative play is something Indie is just starting to have fun with now that she is two, and I know how important it is for her development, so it was fantastic to see her coming up with storylines and giving the characters names while she played.

She swapped some of the heads on the animals to create some new mythical creatures, which made us both laugh – they certainly looked funny! But there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when the game you’re playing is your own creation, and LEGO DUPLO really supports that ethos with the clever sets they have available. She was totally engrossed in playing, in a whole new world that she had created. And as a parent, it was such a magical thing to witness and be part of.

Extended play

Bath time fun

We have a few other LEGO DUPLO sets at home, and this range can be played with just as easily out of the bath and with the other sets, making it a double-duty toy. However, the added element of water in the bath does add a different dimension to the play and allowed Indie to come up with ideas around the ocean, islands, boats, and beaches.

Easy clean

Something that always irks me about bath toys is that they end up getting that awful black mould growing inside them after a while, but with this set everything comes apart and can be drained and cleaned so that no mould forms inside. And I love that the island doubles as a storage container too, making it really easy to keep all the pieces together and ready for the next bath.

Great gift idea

With all the second and third birthday parties coming up for us this year for Indie’s friends, this is going to be my go-to gift for them and I’m planning on buying a few for my present cupboard to have on hand.

Being able to give a gift that I’ve seen bring so much joy to my own toddler, means that I can give this set to someone else with the knowledge that they too will have many magical bath times with it, just like Indie. It’s super cute and colourful and easy to use for little hands.

Toys were provided by LEGO© DUPLO©for this review.

Written for Kidspot NZ. A LEGO DUPLO Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island set was provided for the purposes of the review.

LEGO DUPLO puts open-ended fun, self-expression, and joyful exploration into young children’s hands. With drool-worthy colours, loveable themes and diverse characters that fill their wild and wonderful stories – little hands can’t wait to start building and creating.

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