3 Easy Ways To Get The Kids In The Kitchen

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Having your children become confident in the kitchen offers a range of benefits. While the obvious one is that they can take some of the meal preparation burden from you, there are actually important benefits for them!

Cooking and baking uses and develops a huge range of skills, both educational and physical. Adding, subtracting, fractions, weights, and temperatures, along with reading and following instructions are all part of cooking and will develop over time. Plus they get to practice their reading, following instructions, chopping, and peeling skills.

The ability to prepare and cook balanced, healthy meals are, of course, important life skills – their future partners or flatmates will thank you too!

Here are three easy easy ways to encourage them on their kitchen journey.

1. Give them the power

Ensuring you have all the ingredients and then are able to quickly produce a complete meal with all the components being ready at the same time is one of the hardest things about meal preparation. This can lead to your child losing their confidence or limiting themselves to one ‘signature’ dish.


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NZ’s most affordable meal kit delivery, Bargain Box, offers the ideal solution. Your child can help you pick your week’s recipes from a selection of eight. This allows them to try a variety of recipes they like and really get a handle on the art of cooking. The easy-to-follow recipes outline the order in which they need to prepare, assemble and cook all the components of the meal meaning they will be able to serve up a complete, healthy and super tasty meal with confidence.

Your Bargain Box will arrive on your doorstep, packed with all the ingredients they will need (aside from a few pantry staples such as oil, salt and pepper). Kids love opening the Bargain Box and finding the recipes and ingredients they ordered – it adds a bit of fun and excitement to the process plus saves you time at the supermarket!

Encourage the children to put their meal items away in the fridge and cupboard so that when cooking time arrives they know where everything is (it’s another cunning time saver for you too!).

Choose a Bargain Box to match your family’s needs – select meat or vegetarian recipes, how many hungry mouths you need to feed and either three, four or five meals per week depending on the box. Try an occasional box or subscribe to regular deliveries. You can pause or cancel at any time – there’s no obligation and no contract!

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2. Grow your own

If you have some space in the garden (or even a few pots on a window sill or balcony) help your child to grow some of their own produce. This can inspire your child to prepare and cook the fruits of their labour and try new flavours.

Vegetables are often not children’s first choice so start with ones they do like – or at least tolerate! Potatoes in a bucket and a pumpkin plant (perfect for soup) are easy to grow and require minimal work.

Strawberries and cherry tomatoes like sun and water plus some plant food and will reward you with tasty balls of flavour. If you have some climbing space, beans and peas are a great addition to lots of meals

A fun and simple idea are edible flowers! Nasturtium, viola, and pansy are easy to grow and the children will enjoy picking them and sprinkling them over a meal or salad.

3. Make the kitchen accessible

Rearranging the kitchen to help ensure they can reach everything they need with ease will pay dividends – plus it will make it easier for them to put away dishes!

Equipment that isn’t too heavy or big will help make things easier for your budding chef. Light chopping boards, plastic or melamine bowls, smaller knives,  a light frying pan, small tongs, and a thin peeler are all items that children find easier to manipulate and use.

This article was written by Kidspot NZ with information supplied by Bargain Box.

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