Review: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ purifying fan heater

After testing out the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ purifying fan heater at home for a few weeks, we talked to Dyson competition winner Amy, about what the air purifier has meant for her family.

Amy’s household includes herself and her husband, their four year old son, two teenage stepdaughters (who are home some of the time), plus a German shepherd. Amy has had a Dyson vacuum cleaner for years and loves it – it gets a real hammering in her house with a toddler and a dog!

Q: Have you tried any other products to improve air quality?

“We only have an air conditioning unit; I have in the past tried a dehumidifier which blew out the power bill, and wasn’t helping much.”

Q: What features on the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ purifying fan heater have you found to be the most beneficial for your family?

“I am enjoying the fact I can control this from my phone as Mr 4 loves controllers and I have had to move the controller for this product out of reach so it’s super handy as the phone is always around.”

“We have also enjoyed that you can have either hot or cold air in the room, as with Wellington weather lately it seems to be four seasons in a day! This has helped us control the temperature in the room at any stage as you can set it up to the temperature you want and adjust the fan control to how much hot/cold air it blows into the room. The unit also oscillates if you want it too.”

“The unit has a night mode which comes in handy when you want everything really quiet and it lowers the brightness of the temperature display on the front of the unit.”

“The Dyson Link App is also great as it shows you the air quality in the room. I was very shocked when it came up orange or ‘fair’ as I always thought it could be the pollen in the air but was still shocked when you see this right in front of you on the app. It makes you feel really pleased when it finally turns green and you know your family are breathing in cleaner air.”

“It was great to see the unit also didn’t seem to affect our power bill; we have really tested the Dyson hard since it arrived but was very happy to see our power bill was roughly the same as always.”

“I also like that you can turn the unit off but it will keep monitoring the air quality in the room so I know if we are out of that area I can just do a quick check on the app to see what the air quality is like and turn it on if needed before we enter the bedroom for bed.”

Q: Have you found that using the Dyson Link app gives you a greater understanding of the air quality in your home?

“I love the Dyson Link App. I like seeing the air change into good quality air and knowing my family are breathing in cleaner air. I also find myself checking the app regularly to double check the quality and love playing with the app to change the fan control, or when I’m lying in bed to be able to put it onto heating or cooling depending what the night is like and chucking it on the sleep mode, or turning it off really easily.”

“I also like that it has continuous monitoring of the air, plus 4000 hours on the filter when you first get it. The app also tells you how many hours are left and when you need to replace it. You can have this continuous monitoring even when you aren’t using either the hot or cool function and it doesn’t disturb you at night. I’m a light sleeper and most things will wake me or annoy me like noise and lights but I have found with this product I have no issues at all.”

“I like knowing when I’m at work too that I can check the app and change the room temperature or check the air quality when I’m not even there.”

Q: What other observations have you made?

“I have noticed when I walk into the room I can tell the difference when the Dyson has been turned off for any length of time. I also like to check the app for the air quality to check this and is always spot on to say the air quality is poor or fair and needs improvement.”

“We have also started letting the dog sleep on the floor in the room. Before we didn’t let her as the dander from her used to bother us but this is less of an issue since using the product. Plus she is extra happy now she gets to spend the night inside!”

Q: Have you used the heater/fan?

“I have used both and love it. As I have said, the Wellington weather has been four seasons in a day and the fan has been great during the day or night when it’s super hot as we can control the temperature and speed. The heater is also nice for the colder mornings and at bedtime.”

“It also has a scheduler so you can pre-program this when you know you want it to warm up or cool down the room at a certain time – I have this set for the night we have sport activities and I know no one is home so this is set up to ensure the room is perfect for when we come home and the room is ready to put Mr 4 to bed.”

“I love having it all in one as it’s fewer devices to have to store or pull out of storage depending on the weather and having to find extra storage. It’s a nice looking unit and doesn’t take up too much space so it really is perfect, plus it’s light enough to move it into another room at any stage without it being too much hassle or requiring any extra effort as you can just plug it into any plug and you’re good to go.”

The final word from Amy

“I love seeing the improved air quality that my family are now breathing. It’s nice to know I have a cleaner environment at home for my family now and I’m doing my better by having this Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ purifying fan heater in my home. It really gives me peace of mind as a mum knowing this. It really is a product I didn’t realise I needed in our home until now and would never go back! I highly recommend this to all families. This was really a blessing to have the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ purifying fan heater in our home and I will never be without one again.”

Amy won a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ purifying fan heater in a Kidspot competition. All of the feedback in this article is Amy’s own.

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