Craft A Colourful Circle Mobile

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Bring some brilliant colour to your nursery with this eye-catching circle mobile painted in fabulous saturated Resene hues – or choose your own colours to match your decor.

You will need:

The colourful mobile stands out against a wall painted in Resene Afterglow.

Step by step instructions

DIY colourful circle mobile

Step 1:

Start by painting your wooden rounds. Choose whatever colours you’d like for your room. Fleur used nine different colours and painted 13 wooden rounds in each colour using testpots in Resene Palm Leaf and then transitioned into Resene ParsleyResene CharlotteResene WhiteResene CorvetteResene Roxy, Resene Rose of SharonResene Reverie and finished with Resene Zephyr. Allow paint to dry completely.

DIY colourful circle mobile

Step 2:

Use white cotton or nylon thread to string the wood rounds together. You can string them in whatever pattern appeals to you. Fleur chose to make 13 strings that had one round in each colour. Tie a knot below each round so that they don’t slip down.

DIY colourful circle mobile

Step 3:

Tie one end of each string of rounds to your hoop, then attach four longer threads of string to your hoop and knot them together and use these to hang it from the ceiling.

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