How To Paint Your Own Serving Tray

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Wooden serving trays can tend to look a little old and uninspiring over time. Why not add a little colour to yours to lift your next meal?

Choose Resene colours to complement the food you most like to serve.

Serving Tray

You will need:

Resene Tray Step 2

1. Wipe your wooden serving tray to ensure it is clean and allow to dry.

2. Use the low tack masking tape to mark the areas you’d like your stripes to go.

3. Paint in your stripes using your chosen Resene colours.

Resene Tray Step 3

4. For stripes that are side by side, paint one stripe, allow to dry and then apply more masking tape to allow you to paint the other stripe. Or paint the whole area in one colour, then one dry mask and paint the contrasting stripes on top.

5. Wooden serving trays are not designed to go into dishwashers. Instead wipe clean and allow to dry.

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Article provided by Resene. Project by Nikki Astwood, 2020.

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