Getting your beauty tips from kids

We’re always longing for a “youthful” look. And if you think about it, children do have perfect complexions, soft hair and boundless energy. We try so many tricks and tactics to get a youthful look, but why not just copy what the actual youth-filled children do?! Here are some copycat ways to get your youth back:

Silky smooth skin

If you want skin as soft as a baby’s bottom (very odd saying if you ask me), then remember, less is more. People don’t wash their babies in harsh chemicals and smother their skin in all sorts of lotions, so why should you?

Keep your skincare routine simple. Everyone has a skin type, find out what yours is and what is necessary to care for it – and what’s not!  Toners for instance, are only needed if you have an oily complexion. Instead of day and night creams, buy a serum or facial oil and then use a cream over the top both day and night.

Use mild/gentle products to prevent your skin from drying out, including a soap-free body cleanser.

Parents always protect their child’s skin from the sun, which is a key contributor to premature ageing. Always wear a low-irritant sunscreen (children’s sunscreen is actually great) and a hat whenever you’re outside. Apply it at least 20 minutes before leaving the house for maximum protection. It’s a good habit stay out of the sun during the middle of the day. If you’re at the beach take the opportunity to go into a nearby cafe or home for lunch.

Halo hair

Youthful hair follows a very similar pattern to youthful skin. Children’s have the softest hair, and they do absolutely nothing to it! It’s washed with very gentle shampoo and remains uncoloured.

Aim to get back to your natural colour, or within two/three shades. Wash your hair with gentle or nourishing shampoos, protect it from the sun and get the ends trimmed regularly. It may take some time if you’ve already done a lifetime of damage to your hair, but once it gets back to it’s original state it will be much happier!

Kid beauty tactics

There’s more to youthfulness than just smooth skin and hair. Kids have …

Parents generally make sure that their children eat a wide variety of foods. Having three small meals a day plus snacks is ideal for boosting your metabolism. It will also stave off hunger, blood sugar crashes and caving into unhealthy options. Your snacks don’t have to be sweet treats – almonds are the perfect snack because they’re packed with essential fats for our skin, fibre, protein and calcium.

Eat a variety of foods. Parent’s provide their children with a wide variety of foods to allow them to experience new flavours and textures. It’s important as adults we do the same to receive maximum nourishment. Our nutritional needs may differ to babies but we never cease to need vitamins, minerals, protein for growth and repair, carbohydrates for energy, fibre and essential fats. To get a baby soft glow, eat lots of colourful fruit and vegies which are full of antioxidants and drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated.

Keep moving. Ever notice at a barbeque or a party all the kids are racing around laughing, running, climbing and playing while all the adults are glued to their seats, food in one hand and drink in the other? Not only are our eating habits essential to staying young and healthy, we need to move constantly too. Take a leaf out of the kids’ book and have a little fun and adventure. There are so many forms of exercise that can be fun and beneficial for good health and a toned body. Try rollerblading, biking, playing on the monkey bars, running at beach. We should never stop playing. If exercise becomes more of a fun activity, we’re more likely to keep it up.

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