Ten Reasons To Use Billings Ovulation Method™

No side-effects or long-term health risks

Hormonal methods of contraception can cause breast tenderness, nausea, headaches, breakthrough bleeding, weight gain, mood changes and loss of libido. They can also increase the risk of heart attack for women who smoke, or who have cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure.

Oestrogen-progestogen oral contraceptives (combined) have been classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as Group 1 carcinogens. That means they are known to be carcinogenic to humans.

With the Billings Ovulation Method™ you don’t have to worry about side-effects or long-term health risks. The method is 100 percent natural, so it doesn’t interfere with the delicate balance of natural processes in your body.

100% natural, drug-free and non-invasive

The Billings Ovulation Method™ is based on your body’s natural signals of fertility and infertility, so it’s drug-free, non-invasive, and doesn’t require any devices. With the Billings Ovulation Method® it’s back to basics. No hormones, no invasive procedures, and no devices. After all, it’s the simple things in life that are often the best!

For all stages of reproductive life

Every woman is unique, and your menstrual cycle and patterns of fertility and infertility are as unique as you are. It doesn’t matter if your cycles are short, average or long, or if they vary in length from one cycle to the next. You may be breastfeeding or approaching menopause. Whatever your stage of reproductive life the Billings Ovulation Method® will help you to understand your fertility on a daily basis.

Simple to use

There are just 4 simple rules of the Billings Ovulation Method™. Trials by the World Health Organisation have shown that over 90% of women can identify the fertile phase and the Peak of fertility in the first month of observation and charting! It really is for every woman, everywhere!


There’s a small fee for your consultation with a Billings Ovulation Method™ teacher to learn the method. Then after that, it’s free.

Cares for the environment

Synthetic oestrogen, a common ingredient in hormonal contraception, can contaminate the environment after being carried by sewage into rivers.  There are a number of studies suggesting a link between oestrogen contamination of the environment and adverse changes in male reproductive health (e.g. decline in sperm counts, increase in genital malformations, and increase in testicular and prostate cancers).

The Billings Ovulation Method™ is 100% hormone free, so it won’t contaminate the environment. And there is no packaging adding to landfill.

It’s empowering!

Tuning in to your body and its natural rhythms in this way can be incredibly satisfying. The Billings Ovulation Method™ enables you to understand, appreciate and protect your reproductive health. Whether you’re trying to conceive or wanting to prevent pregnancy, this knowledge is empowering. It puts YOU in control!

Strengthens your relationship

The communication, caring and cooperation needed to successfully apply the Billings Ovulation Method™ are the same qualities which will enhance your entire relationship as a couple.

Everyone approves!

Many women and couples have moral objections to using contraception. The Billings Ovulation Method™ is morally acceptable to all cultures and religions.

Helps you safeguard your reproductive health

The Billings Ovulation Method™ chart is diagnostic. Once you learn to recognise what is normal for you, you’ll be able to identify what isn’t. If you notice irregularities in your pattern, such as abnormal bleeding or an unusual pattern of discharge, you’ll know to get them investigated. Your doctor can use your chart to help diagnose the problem and to work out the best treatment for you.

This is knowledge that every woman ought to have. Click here to read more about how the Billings Ovulation Method™ helps you to safeguard your reproductive health.

The information contained in this article was provided by Billings LIFE™  Leaders in Fertility Education.

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