Five Day Lunchbox Plan

School lunches can easily get monotonous! Break the lunchbox rut and plan to pack some serious nutrition into the school lunch with nutritionist Kate Di Prima’s, easy five day plan below:

1 Yoghurt or Dairy Food (approx 100g serve)

Wholegrain crackers spread with vegemite

Corned beef, tomato, lettuce and cream cheese in pita pocket

Fruit in season, eg. seedless grapes

Use last night’s dinner leftover corned beef
2 Banana pikelets

Yoghurt drink

Tuna, avocado and salad roll

Dried or fresh fruit, eg. apricots

Make pikelets ahead and freeze for quick lunch box treats OR buy mini wholemeal ready-made variety and top with a little low fat cream cheese and sliced banana.
3 Yoghurt or Dairy Food

Wholegrain muesli bar

Baked bean toastie

Fruit in season, eg. chopped melon  – can be frozen for extra chill

Quicker than you think toasties:  Lightly spray a sandwich maker with spray oil.  Place 1/4 cup of baked beans on a slice of bread. Add a slice of cheese or 2 tbls of grated cheese. Cover with the second piece of bread and toast.
4 Veggie sticks with hummus (or Mexican Salsa)

Frozen milk drink –  flavoured milk is perfect!

Lamb pizza

Fruit in season, eg. sliced watermelon

Great for leftover roast lamb. Spread 2 teaspoon tomato paste over base. Arrange finely chopped or minced roast lamb and top with cherry tomatoes and and grated cheese. Grill for 10 minutes.
5 Cheese wedges – one wedge or cheese stick (approx. 20g)

Wholegrain crackers

Mini meatball salad

Cut apples with lemon juice

Use leftover rissoles paired with cherry tomatoes and vegetables sticks (eg. carrots, celery, cucumber, snowpeas)

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