How to cut your shopping bill

Food can be expensive and take a big slice of most family budgets. These money saving tips will help you save on your grocery bill and keep more cash in your pocket!


Save money before going to the grocery store by writing a list of the meals your family plans to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week.

Consider bulk-buying – but only if you have the space to store what you’ve bought or else share your bulk-buying purchases with other mums in your local area.

Once you get to the store, only buy what’s on your list – and try to resist any impulse purchases which could blow the budget!

How to save shopping for fruit and vegetables

Only buy fruit and vegetables that are in season. They’ll be plentiful and cheap for families trying to stretch the finances.

Sometimes you could end up with more money in your pocket if you shop at a local store than a big retailer.

Another option is to shop at local wholesale fruit and vegetable markets where significant discounts are offered and big savings can be made.

Join a local community garden where all the produce is shared. The kids can help to grow their own food.

How to save money shopping for meat

Meat can be the most expensive part of the grocery bill but there are ways to afford premium cuts on a budget. One way to save money is to buy bulk meat packs from a wholesale butcher in your local area. It may even be delivered. To prevent a budget blow out, select the cheaper cuts of meat – for example chuck steak, mince and sausages.

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