Blubber experiment

Blubber experiment

Discovering the secret of blubber is awesome fun, just ask any child who has done this experiment. This is an easy and safe science experiment for kids of all ages and makes learning fun!

What you need:

  • two cups
  • cold water
  • ice cubes
  • white fat/lard/shortening

Number of players:


Fill two cups with cold water and ice-cubes.

Roll the fat into a ball and stick one finger in the middle of it.

Make sure your finger is completely covered by the fat.

Now immerse the fat-covered finger in one cup and another finger in the other cup and see how long you can keep your fingers in the water.

You’ll want to take the uncovered finger out first.


The fat will protect your skin from the cold because it is protected by blubber.

Whales, seals and walruses all have a layer of fat called blubber to insulate their bodies from the freezing water.

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