Catch the monster by the tail

Catch the monster by the tail

Catching a monster is a great spin on duck, duck, goose. All kids will have fun catching a monster. You could even add a little spin to it by making a monster mask and having your monster wear it to chase the ghost.

What you need:

  • green fabric "tail" – piece of green fabric with a knot in the end

Number of players:


The players sit on the floor in a circle.

One player stands and tucks the green monster tail into their waistband.

The monster circles the group, touching each player on the head saying "Monster, monster!"

When the monster touches a player on the head and shouts "Ghost!", the monster has to run around the circle and take the ghost's place before the ghost can grab the monster's tail.

If his tail is grabbed by the ghost, the monster has another turn as monster, but if the monster gets to the ghost's place and sits before they can grab the monster's tail, the ghost becomes the next monster.

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