Chatterbox joke teller

Chatterbox joke teller

For a little April Fools' Day fun, get your kids to make this super cool auto joke teller! It's an awesome way to entertain friends and family and to get a few giggles, too! Easy to make and use, this is a clever April Fools' Day idea for kids.

What you need:

  • a square piece of paper
  • pens, pencils or markers
  • scissors
  • some funny jokes like these

Number of players:


How to make a chatterbox joke teller

Step 1. Make a paper chatterbox using these instructions. To turn your chatterbox into a joke teller, put fun words on the outside like 'funny', 'crazy' 'insane' and 'silly'.

Step 2. For the first inside layer of the chatterbox, cut between each section as shown in this video, and then write jokes or riddles on each triangular piece.

Step 3. On the inside layer of each triangle write the answers to the joke or riddle. Then colour or decorate the chatterbox joke teller any way you like.

How to play with the chatterbox joke teller

To play, ask a friend to pick a one of the words and open and close your chatterbox according to the number of letters in that word.

Then ask your friend to pick a joke from the four they can see. See if they can guess the answer before lifting the flap to find out if they are correct!

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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