Cooking games with kids: Learning about primary colours

Cooking games with kids: Learning about primary colours

Colour creations begin before kids even know they're doing it – from the early years with finger painting fun to the accidental overlapping on colouring-in pages as preschoolers. Try out these basic colour creations to learn all about primary colours.

What you need:

  • food colouring – blue, red and yellow
  • food scales
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • electric mixer
  • 6 small bowls – or however many colours you'd like


Number of players:


Whether you're using this icing to decorate biscuits, cakes or just for experimental purposes the kids are bound to learn something new!

Once the icing is made, it's time for the kids to have a play.

Separate the white icing into three bowls then add a few drops of colour to them using the three primary colours: red, blue and yellow. Have the kids mix it up.

Take a small amount of yellow icing and a small amount of red and place it together in an empty bowl. Little hands can mix well so get the kids to give it a mix – they'll be delighted to see they've made orange. Repeat this with the blue and red to make purple and then the yellow and blue to make green.

Your kids have just turned the three primary colours into the three secondary colours. A wonderful maths lesson beginning in the kitchen!

Now, to ice something and eat it up!


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Print this primary and secondary colour chart for kids.

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