Easter Bunny bonnet: Print and make your own

Easter Bunny bonnet: Print and make your own

Making an Easter bonnet should be a lot of fun – and a work of art that kids can be proud of. This simple template is printable and designed so kids can colour and decorate to suit their own personal preference.

What you need:

  • computer with internet access
  • printer
  • paper
  • coloured markers
  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • hole punch
  • string

Optional extras

  • tissue paper
  • glue
  • embellishments – sequins, cotton wool or glitter

Number of players:


Print out the Easter Bunnny ears below and decorate. Use all embellishments you can find to make them a personalised design.

Take your paper plate and cut around the centre of it leaving about 5cms at the bottom to fold up. This will separate the rim from the centre.

Looking at the folded up centre of the plate, cut down the middle creating two semi circles. Cut the tops off and leave just two tabs at the bottom. 

With the ears that you decorated earlier, staple them on to your tabs.

Punch a hole in each side of the bonnet and thread string down through one hole, under the bonnet and up through the other. Tie it off and wear it with pride!

Print the bunny ears and decorate.

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