Easy Costume: Willy Wonka

Easy Costume: Willy Wonka

Easy costumes like this Willy Wonka dress up idea  are all about the accessories. Watch the video below to see how you can cobble together a last minute costume for your child, the night before Book Week using stuff in your own wardrobe.

What you need:

  • 1 x pair of long pants
  • 1 x collared shirt (optional)
  • 1 x button up vest
  • 1 x small scarf (to use as a neckerchief)
  • 1 x purple blazer or coat (some sort of dandy-style jacket, anything velvet works)
  • 1 x top hat (we happen to have a top hat in our dress up arsenal, try a Hot Dollar shop if you don't have one)
  • 1 x cane (any stick will do, but Willy Wonka must have a cane)

Optional extra:

If you are referencing Johnny Depp's version, a pair of white kooky sunglasses will add some flare. We found a pair of party glasses in the local Hot Dollar shop for $2.99.

Number of players:


Essentially, Willy Wonka is a dandy, so it's all about how you put it together: the hat, purple jacket and cane are key items, so rifle through your wardrobe to see what you can appropriate.


Start with long pants, add the shirt. Loosely tie a small scarf (silk-look) at the neck (a la Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka).

Add a velvet jacket, or any fancy dandy-style jacket you can find.

Add top hat, kooky glasses and a cane (even a stick from the garden will do for this.)

Behold, Willy Wonka.

"Good day, sir! I SAID good day!"


  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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