Father’s Day Poem: Baby thoughts

Father’s Day Poem: Baby thoughts

Ever wondered what your baby thinks? Well here is an insight into what might roll around your baby's mind when looking up at her Dad this Father's Day.

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Looking up into your eyes,
I hear you ask what I ponder,
I hear you guess with Mum my thoughts,
Well here it is Dad – what I wonder,

Will my hands be warm like yours?
Will my arms be as strong?
Will I always be right, Daddy
Even when I am wrong?

When I am hungry and I can’t speak,
Will you know just what to do?
When I cry and don’t know why,
Will you stay the whole night through?

You kiss my cheek and lift me high,
You raise me right up to the sky,
You cuddle me nice and tight,
And promise we will be alright.

Just then I know it is all true,
One day I will be just like you.

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