Father’s Day Poem: Monsters in my room

Father’s Day Poem: Monsters in my room

Help Dad to enjoy Father's Day a little more this year with a loving poem from the heart. Along with breakfast in bed, make a card and pop in these gorgeous words just for your Dad.

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Deep in the darkness of my room,
I wake to see a shadowy gloom.

I call out loud into the night,
Giving my dad such a fright.

Knowing he will come to see,
What monsters lay beneath me.

I spy Dad as he opens the door,
He puts the torch against the floor.

Monsters don’t like the light,
But just in case I snuggle up tight.

Dad lifts me and cuddles me firm,
Then tucks me in for the night's long term.

Feeling better I nod off to sleep,
The rest of the night the monsters don’t peep.

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