Foodies finger paints

Food fun is all part of discovery and exploration. A lot of the time, kids do get more on the floor and everywhere else than in their mouths and this activity is designed for just that. There will be no eating here today! Well, maybe a little, but that’s OK!

What you need:

  • your food of choice



Grab your food of choice. Ideas include:

  • porridge
  • mashed potato
  • custard
  • cream tinned soup

Food choices are limited only by your imagination.

Sit her in her high chair and tip the food onto the tray.

Show her how to begin with just the tip of her fingers. Once she is comfortable with the feel of the food, she will start to explore it further.


  • This activity is fabulous for your child’s exploration of textures and tastes. Each time you try this activity, try a new food and see her start to warm up to foods that she otherwise would not eat.

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