Fox and geese

Fox and geese

Fox and geese is a game that can be played pretty much anywhere with a large open area. Just put some spray paint on the grass and your game is ready to play! Get a bunch of kids together to play this great party game.

What you need:

  • computer with internet access
  • printer
  • paper
  • rope (about 2 metres)
  • spray paint

Number of players:


Setting up your game area


Have one person stand where the centre (or safe zone) of your circle will be holding one end of the rope. Another person walks the length of rope outwards keeping the rope taught then continues to walk around in a circle, spraying the grass behind them. This should form a pretty perfect circle.

Now that you have your circle, have the outside person mark a line from the outer edge to the centre using the tight rope. This will be the first part of you "pie" or game board. Continue all the way around until you have equal sections.

When you have enough lines, spray a centre section which will become your "safe zone". This should be large enough to house at least half of the players (see image).

Playing the game


Together, the group decides on a fox.

Every player starts in the "safe zone", including the fox.

The fox counts to 10, giving the geese time to move away.

ALL players can only move along the lines to get away from each other.

Once the fox tags another player, they become the fox and the original fox becomes a goose.

Continue playing until the party crashes.


  • We have created this image so you can see what the finished result should look like.
  • Why not print it out and take it with you for your set up?

Print this image to help with your set up.


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